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quinta-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2012

True Widow "True Widow"

It was Winter, 2009...  i left home early in the morning to go to work, jumped into a cold and foggy day, as the first notes of "AKA" started to sound on my iPod.. i fell in love. When i discovered this band, back then, i could never imagine that i would be so hooked on them until today. I've talked about them here on FxC before (here) about their new EP that came out last year and their wonderful second full-length "As High As The Highest Heavens And From The Center To The Circumference Of The Earth", another of my 2011's favorites. Here's a little bit more about the story about this awesome band:
As Dan Phillips' previous band Slowride (moderately well known in punk and "emo" circles for their pummeling onslaught and lyrical wit) dissolved, the songwriter was slowly taking a different turn. He moved away from his native Texas to Massachusetts to be trained in the old ways of woodworking and for a while there was a question of if he would ever craft another tune. While the cold and solitude certainly had their effect they allowed him to reflect and turn inwards to build something new. Songs started to emerge, but they were not what was expected. The songs that would become the first True Widow material were extremely personal, heavy, melodic, and surprisingly not at breakneck speeds. They left room for the notes and melodies to breathe as the depth of the lyrics slowly seeped in over time. After a year or two Phillips returned to Dallas, Texas where True Widow first formed. The band which now also consists of co-vocalist and bassist Nicole Estill and drummer Timothy Starks were aiming to do something entirely different from their peers. What you have before you is the outcome of their work and their first album outing. It's something that may be hard to define and not all together familiar, but ultimately rewarding for those who take the journey alongside the haunting and morphine drip vocals.
Truly a remarkable band with an unique sound and extraordinary ability in song-writing. Love them to death. You can buy this here.

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  1. Great band! The best to come out of the Dallas area in quite some time. Tremendous live.

  2. I just wished that their european tour included Portugal, wouldn't miss them for nothing in the World. Maybe in the future.. who knows?