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terça-feira, 10 de janeiro de 2012

Seagulls Insane And Swans Deceased Mining Out The Void "Self Titled"

Now here's a strange beast... how on earth am i going to tag this? This was my first thought that ran into my mind as the music of SISADMOTV echoed thru my ears. The first thing you will notice is the loooooong name that this band has, now i really would like to know the story behind this, probably the result of a very drunken night or other illicit stuff.. if you know what i mean. SISADMOTV is a polish band formed by Nihil (from Massemord and many other bands that he holds in his portfolio) and Havoc from the sludge doomsters Blindead. The sound they bring on this debut album is a patchwork of influences, their own influences. We get a great dosage of mid/slow paced Black Metal, some Doom, a little bit of Industrial, all entangled with countless layers of atmosphere. I guess we can call it Post Black Metal, let us not complicate. The main thing here, ladies and gentlemen, is that this is one hell of an album. It's impossible to remain indifferent to what SISADMOTV brings to us here. The voice of Nihil reminds me a lot of Anaphylactic Shock, that i love, and which i have already posted on FxC some time ago. And that's good. The album is divided in 5 parts, all entitled with the numeral system of ancient Rome. Each track has its own personality, while in "I" we have a more dense, atmospheric, slow paced Black Metal in "III" i had to check the iPod to see if it had jumped to BAN's "777 - The Desanctification". In short, putting the bands name aside, we have a pretty amazing album here. You really need to hear to believe it yourself. You can get this here. I'm afraid that this will become my latest vice... Highly Recommended! 

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