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quinta-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2012

The Pledge Of Cain "We...Martyrs"

Another awesome band hailing from the old mighty Europa. The Pledge Of Cain are a french sludge/doom band from Strasbourg. "We...Martyrs" is their first album, and i can describe it to you in just two simple words: Slow and Heavy. As soon as you enter the cold and dark quicksands that "We...Martyrs" is, you will began to sink in a very slow and painful way... just wishing that death arrives soon to end all of that suffering, but no.. The Pledge Of Cain gets some sick pleasure in making you drown in a very horrific way. I dig the sound and that harsh voice, so good man. In overhaul, "We...Martyrs" is a sick album and a great debut from this french quintet. Get into it now! Highly Recommended!

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