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terça-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2012

Psychic Limb "Queens"

Well, here we are, new year & stuff... I wanted the first post of 2012 to be something new, so.. fuck it, to hell with that! I got 363 days left to post music. So, to begin with, and still suffering from the "hangover" of 2011, i'll throw some (good) leftovers.

"Queens" is the debut album from NY ferocious hardcore band Psychic Limb, who throws twelve tracks of unhinged vitriolic violence. Psychic Limb's menacing debut LP "Queens" raises the bar for lightning-fast speed and ferocity, drawing influence from punk and grindcore to create a molotov cocktail of blasting hardcore fury. Buy it here. Probably one of the best underrated albums of 2011...

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