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sexta-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2012

Qui Incenditur "Tumult" Demo

Now let me fulfill my patriotic duty by bringing to you this great project from Portugal, Qui Incenditur, with it's debut Demo "Tumult". The first impression i got was about the artwork, really great. It's good to see such devoted artists crossing the boundaries of music by also applying their aesthetic taste in visuals. Qui Incenditur is a one-man project formed in December 2010 by G.R. that is also the mind behind Onirik. Compost by 4 tracks, simply called "Tumult I", "Tumult II", "Tumult III" and "Tumult IV", Qui Incenditur unveils its dark veil and brings us 4 well crafted Black Metal tracks, i must point that the sound of this Demo is really, really good. The Production is awesome. You can tell each instrument perfectly. Can't wait for a full length, i hope soon. A true cacophony of sound with flesh decaying riffs that will corrupt your soul. Truly a dantesque nightmare. Fans of Deathspell Omega, Leviathan, Luker Of Challice, Blut Aus Nord get your ears on this one. Limited to 100 copies only, it's mandatory that you grab one of the copies, just contact the fellas at Nightmare Productions here. Recommended!

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