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sábado, 14 de janeiro de 2012

Pombagira "Iconoclast Dream"

Damn, if i had some fireworks i sure would blast them for this one...

At fucking last, Pombagira's last effort has fallen into my hands. "Iconoclast Dream" is an ambitious, black magic, voodoo inspired, 42 minute track album continuing the monolithic doom that their previous album "Baron Citadel" unleashed, but maybe they have over-reached themselves this time around depending on your own point of view. With "Iconoclast Dream", Pombagira continue their legacy of Wizardism Doom, the sound doesn't bring anything new, to be honest. If you're a fan of the band or of that Occult Doom in the likes of Electric Wizard, than this is the piece for you. The fact is that this is heavy and i know that, as i was, you are all anxious to hear this baby. So go check it out. Meanwhile you can get a physical copy of "Iconoclast Dreamhere.

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