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segunda-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2012

Mystagog "...Of Old"

Another cool find is this "...Of Old" from mysterious Hungarian Black Metal band Mystagog. Mystagog was formed in 2006 by two well-known and genuine Hungarian underground musicians: Angmar the vocalist of Witchcraft, Hell and Diecold is responsible for the vocals and the drums while the guitars and the bass are handled by Grave (aka Thanatos) who can be familiar from the releases of Thy Funeral, Spüolus, 666 and Diecold. Now, there are many things i like in this release, the whole structure of the songs, the artwork, the cheap low fi production. But what i like most of all is the sound, the sound man. I love this cheap low fi putrid sound... like it was recorded in a basement in some castle hidden somewhere in an Hungarian forest. And the voice... it fits like a glove into this necro wall of sound. It really gives you that stench of... old. This is the bands debut, i hope there's more to come. I hope you can enjoy this as much as i am enjoying it. You can get this here.

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