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quarta-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2012

Shadow Of The Torturer "Marching Into Chaos"

Formed by ex-Aldebaran front-man Mike Brown, the 33 minutes of chaotic sludge on "Marching into Chaos" is some of the heaviest, most bleakest doom ever made. This is a fine example of how every fucking sludge/doom should be made. The sound is thick and they have some of the most truly frightening dual vocals ever recorded. Fans of Hooded Menace will dig the horror filled growling. Is it possible to be catchy when you are playing so slowly, well Shadow Of The Torturer are very catchy that but maybe that is just my warped mind playing tricks on me but i find this album to be infectious in a sick kind of way. I also love to death that artwork, so fucking awesome. It was made by the great Glyn Smyth at Scrawled Design. It's been almost three years since this was released and there isn't a shadow of a new album on the horizon, yet. I pray to the mighty Horned One that new material comes soon from these guys. At least something good for this year that started in such a lousy way. Nevertheless, this is must hear, a must download, do whatever you can, but you have to check out this one. You can buy this awesome record here.

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