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domingo, 8 de janeiro de 2012

Teitanblood "Purging Tongues" EP

Oh yeah... here is finally new Teitanblood material. "Purging Tongues" consists of a one 15 minute track EP. Here you will get it all, a super long intro, instrumental sections and most of all... a whirlwind of devastation. With an artwork that matches perfectly what you'll hear in "Purging Tongues", Teitanblood continue their path to bestial havoc. Too bad it features one track only, we want more! Pendejos!! You can buy this here although there more places where you can find it, don't be lazy and just Google it.

9 comentários:

  1. Excellent. Ordered this a little while back, waiting on my copy to arrived. Thanks man.

  2. :)

    Hope you dudes enjoy it. I was really in need for some Teitanblood.

  3. Enjoy Mari! \../ Teitanblaaaaawwwwwddd \../