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terça-feira, 18 de outubro de 2011

The Abominable Iron Sloth

Just a quick bio: Originally named The Indomitable Iron Sloth, but changed to The Abominable Iron Sloth when the members of Will Haven heard Justin's material and joined. During AIS' downtime and financial recuperation from a rough tour of England, Will Haven regrouped, and Justin was joined by members of Vancouver sludge band El Cerdo and the name was changed back to The Indomitable Iron Sloth. Later the name was again changed to The Abominable Iron Sloth. Got it?

This album "The Id Will Overcome" was one the heaviest, dirtiest albums of 2010. The ultralow guitar tone, the crushing kicks, and the banshee-esque screams of The Sloth will make any listener craving for a cold shower by the time this album has finished. With a name like The Abominable Iron Sloth there’s little room for imagination when it comes to the style of music they play. In the genre of sludge and doom, you either love it or hate it and by the end of this album the listener most certainly love it. They really mean it in the opening song "I Destroy".

The approach that The Abominable Iron Sloth take to their music is both slow and purposeful; even their drummer is forced to play slowly due to a heart condition, which also prevents him from playing live. Truly not suitable for those with a fragile heart condition. No preview for this one, search on youtube, there's a couple of videos of the Sloth there. Get destroyed.

2 comentários:

  1. I had no idea that members of El Cerdo were involved. Love that band.
    And I was always under the impression that it started off as abominable, went indomitable for a short stint, then back to abominable.

  2. Now that you bring it.. Yeah it was a bit confused, i also got the idea it started as Abominable and then went to Indomitable and then back to Abominable... read this somewhere in a lot of places. Not sure if the source is reliable..

    About the lineup, i know it changed a lot, therefor the reason why they changed names, of El Cerdo (sick band) i know that were two former Sloth members, Nick and Jayson. But i think that they aren't in the band anymore.. huge mess this Sloth.. what matters is that it's a killer band.