† And then the Curse swept the Earth

quinta-feira, 27 de outubro de 2011


Owl is the latest project to emerge from the ever-productive and continually brilliant German label (and family of bands) Zeitgeister. This particular project is the brainchild of Christian Kolf (Island, Valborg,Woburn House), who handles everything but drums on this debut full-length. At its root, Owl is deeply organic and menacing death metal, an unholy union of The Dead’s bottom-feeding personality, Immolation’s most esoteric and hate-fueled riffage,The Chasm’s cavernous expanses and even Deathspell Omega’s dissonant, less blackened terrain. It all carries a bit of that familiar eeriness common in Kolf’s other projects, not to mention the most hellacious and demonic vocals the man has ever spewed forth.

The album kicks off with “Conquering the Kingdom of Rain (Enter Her Holy Halls),” a 13-minute death metal behemoth of churning riffs and subtle dynamics that manages to make its length pass by in no time flat.. and that is only the beginning of this dark journey In "Owl" expect long named songs and darkened crushing atmospheric Death Metal that truly give this album/band it's own personality.

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