† And then the Curse swept the Earth

sexta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2011


And now for one of the most brutal, heavy as fuck and personally favorite Death Metal releases of this year: Corpsessed's "The Dagger & The Chalice". If you search for the definition of the meaning "Death Metal", right in front of it it would be this bands logo.

In this debut EP, "The Dagger & The Chalice", we have a 6 song EP that has 23 or so minutes of pure death metal mayhem. The atmosphere is very dark and dismal. It reeks of the cemetery, of dried out bones, the stink of mud and moldy everything! These guys know their shit, it goes fast and then slows down for some crunching and crushing heaviness like no one. "The Dagger & The Chalice" simply amazing, beginning with the artwork made by the master Alex Brown. The production on this fucker is dark, evil and leaves a dismal feeling over everything, sound wise. One of the best things that came out this year. I expect big things from Corpsessed in the future. Recommended of course!!

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