† And then the Curse swept the Earth

quinta-feira, 20 de outubro de 2011


Coffinworm are badass. A storm of pestilential, nihilistic blackened sludge. One of the best examples of those two vicious genres being combined. 

Coffinworm is a five piece metal band from Indiana and “When All Became None” is their first full length. Their sound could be described as the horrific procreation of Black metal and Sludge/Doom. They made an awesome Mixtape for Cvlt Nation sometime ago and it's mostly made up of Black, Death and Doom Metal. A bit like what the cursed offspring of Darkthrone and Eyehategod would grow up to be. They also have members of Black Arrows of Filth & Impurity, these guys know how to destroy. Signed to Profound Lore, the band definitely has massive potential. From the moment “Blood Born Doom” begins, the ears are terrorized with a huge swell of feedback. Before long things escalate into eerie arpeggios and crushing riffs. The shrieking vocals are devastating and there are some death growls thrown around too. One of the best that came out last year.

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  1. off topic again, but did i ever show you these?

  2. What is it brother? All of a sudden I'm not recognizing it..

  3. unholy crucifix horror creature seriers volumes 1-4

  4. Nice, how does it sound? I heard one of their latest (can't remember which one right now), man.. the sound was really really bad. I'm looking for the new 4 way Split, but just to hear Abhorrot stuff. Gotta do some research..