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terça-feira, 11 de outubro de 2011

At Dark

At Dark are a band made up of two fat guys, one red head, one Star Wars nerd and a scooter rider from Sydney that play a mash up of dirty hardcore, sludgey metal, and grimness. This is their EP entitled "Beyond the Black Hills". Jarrod Krafczyk, who is the vocalist of At Dark, used to sing in the band The Amenta, how about that? As the first riffs break in on "Dethroned", it quickly comes to my mind Zozobra or Old Man Gloom, no wonder they refer OMG as one of their favorite bands.. this is one of the highlights of the EP, what a great song. "Downfall" starts in a more melancholic way and before we realize that, in all of its proportion, we are suddenly shacked by "Defeated", a short one but hard. Next you'll find one of the most beautiful songs here, "The Prophet", the initial chords are just wonderful, but don't let the melody blind you, before you know it, you are awakened of this sweet dream by the ground breaking vocals of Krafczyk. "The Alive" is the grand finale with almost 17 minutes long, with this anthem, the band seem to make a statement: they are alive and here to stay. At Dark keep things simple and heavy, in "Beyond the Black Hills" you'll find a well played balance between heaviness and melody that kinda leaves me the feeling that these guys are only warmig up. These guys just want to have a damn good time doing what they like the most and most important (as they say) they do not play breakdowns, thank God for that. You can download the EP on both links below.

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