† And then the Curse swept the Earth

domingo, 2 de outubro de 2011


This is one of my favorite albums ever. Since i bought "Designs For Automotion", it has never left my boombox. I remember the first time i heard Snapcase, not the usually chugga-chugga hardcore style everybody else were listening at the time. Along with Refused, Snapcase's sound was different, straight powerful riffs aligned with a powerful drum and the voice was as sharp as a razorblade. 

Although i love "Progression Through Unlearning" i believe that Snapcase have really outdone themselves on this masterpiece. First of all, I have to say, like most of the other Snapcase albums, I love the artwork. Secondly, the album itself is flawless.. man i love every song of this album, and still know every lyric... and the lyrics.. ooooh the lyrics. Their lyrics are as poetic as they also carry a lot of meaning, just listen to the lyrics of "Typecast Modulator", that is great fuckin' revolutionary anthem. Thats why i love this band, they just say what they have to say in your face but in an intelligent and almost polite direct way. Not just some tattooed thugs screaming and drooling at your face. Snapcase is a band with a message: be yourself. They are great musicians, with lots of talent and passion. Following the tradition of true hardcore, they are close to their fans and keep in touch, helping build a huge following. Daryl's singing/screaming is meaningful, and it is a great way of expressing their anger. One of the best releases that came out of Victory Records at the time... But while some things tend to rot with time, this album is still alive and kickin'. This is classic!

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