† And then the Curse swept the Earth

segunda-feira, 24 de outubro de 2011


Another gem that was very well hidden, waiting for the first rain drops to fall in the lights of the night. Asbestoscape is a one-man project that offers dark, haunting, electronic post-rock instrumentals. Some might call it ambient, but it’s too guitar-driven. Some might call it trip hop, but it’s too ambient. Asbestoscape’s soulful, beautiful and melancholy blend of styles, is almost impossible to classify but If i had to so, i would describe it as apocalyptic post-rock. However, this album doesn’t totally conform to the conventions of the post rock genre, it has some really strong shoegaze and drone influences. It doesn’t meander off from the main melodic themes, or start quietly and build slowly. Instead, the approach here is to launch into a groove that digs deep into your psyche, then pile on subtle textures, working toward a cathartic climax. Asbestoscape offers the perfect soundtrack for wandering lost alone in the city at night..

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