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domingo, 16 de outubro de 2011

Band Request Spree

Ok, so next i'll post band requests i received some time, and after hearing what these guys had to offer i decided to post here on FRVRCRSD. Let the Band Request Spree begin!

The first band is Off To Ruin. They are a two-piece Hardcore/Post-Metal band from Aylmer, Quebec. Off to Ruin was created 3 years ago when they barely knew how to play their instruments. From that day, they would jam every weekend, almost in religious fashion. The self-titled EP was finally recorded when the guitarist decided that he would move to Montreal. The EP was recorded to keep a memory of what they've accomplished as musicians and to remind them of the growth of their friendship thanks to music. Isn't that sweet? The EP has four moments entitled: "Hopeless", "Worthless", "Emptiness" and "Restless", the production is good and will leave every dark and dirty hardcore fan pleased. You can get listen to the songs on the bands Bandcamp, and if you enjoy it, download it thru the mediafire link (something about Bandcamp download limit & shit). 

Next one coming up is Old Wounds (curiously the same name of an album of one of my favorite bands, Young Widows). These guys aren't new on the scene, i know them since the release of their "Sleeper" Demo/EP, and now they bring "Terror Eyes" with a more mature sound. It reminds me a lot of Cursed although the sound/production, is more polished. But still is a good release. If interested, you can buy this here. Check them out below.

 bandcamp | terror wounds

Ok, last round...
Final band here is Armada from Milwaukee. These guys bring some really pissed and raw hardcore punk, they have released "Premonitions" early this year, and with it expect 6 of the most venomous hardcore around. Buy them some stuff here

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