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sexta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2011

Dominus Xul

Back in 1998, there was a little Chilean band releasing an album called “The Primigeni Xul (I Condemned My Enemies)” which turned out to be a real gem for early Incantation, Immolation worshippers, unfortunately the band’s line-up disintegrated shortly after the death of Danny Grave and most of the members went on to form another band called Melektaus. Now, it’s 2011 and despite substantial line-up changes, the quintet still delivers and the Chilean Death Metal act has risen again! Back from the dead, they bring this awesome "To the Glory of the Ancient Ones". Focussing on mid-paced, heavily Morbid Angel inspired tracks that consume you like a crawling, ancient stream of black matter, and mixing it with fast catchy attacks while retaining an ominous, unholy atmosphere, "To the Glory of the Ancient Ones" works just fine for me. Dominus Xul might not overwhelm us with inventiveness yet entertain us perfectly by staying true to the confines of their own style. It might take you two or more some auditions to this album, but I'm sure it will grow on you as it did for me.

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