† And then the Curse swept the Earth

sexta-feira, 14 de outubro de 2011


This is Blut's new album called "Grief and Incurable Pain", its the follow-up to their devastating 2010 release "Ritual and Ceremony" and if thought that album was sick, wait to you hear this. This is simply put, one of the most uncompromising albums released this year.. fuck, EVER! In fact it is so extreme in its absolute offensive malicious intent, I think it will be too disagreeable to the senses for most people to sit through without feeling somewhat nauseated by its sickening bleakness. This could easily be one of those releases from Woodsmoke (Elu Of The Nine, Hell, Münn). Trying to describe tracks with this much depth and atmosphere is almost impossible. A large chunk of this album is dedicated to drones and sheer nasty noise so if you lack patience for those kind of extremities, you might want to avoid this monster. What saves this album from being just pure noise and little else is the psychedelic, hypnotic vibe that really drags you into these sonic sound-scapes. Unlike most other drone acts that basically recycle SunnO))); Blut have truly got a sound and style all of their own. They may even be the most original drone act around at the moment. The music is a challenging listening experience that is ambient, abrasive, incredibly bleak but at the same time captivating in its sonic complexities. The sound is thick as mud for the most part and multi-layered. There is also not a lot in the way of real vocals in the traditional sense of the word; just a whole lot of insane tortured screaming that just adds to the overwhelming persistent blackness. If you want to buy actual albums they are available from Bubonic Productions and War Command Distribution, or contact directly the band, i believe they have a few cassettes and copies left. Recommend.

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