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quinta-feira, 20 de outubro de 2011

Struck By Lightning

Ohio's Struck by Lightning has gotten off to a rather impressive start. Their debut record, "Serpents", is far more focused and fine-tuned than many debuts, a fact that might be attributed to Gregory Lahm's leading presence (Lahm's previous claim to fame was being a part of Mouth of the Architect's "The Ties That Blind" era line-up), Struck by Lightning's debut record, "Serpents", offers up a terrific blend equal doses of sludgy grit, intelligent riffage, and some crust punk fervor. If the band takes this formula and works in a little more experimentation in the world of bigger grooves, they might just be capable of producing a record that meets or exceeds the high bar set by their slew of main influences. Great stuff.

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  1. way off topic, but i was thinking about your new header, particularly the FRVR CRSD part, and one thing came to mind: KNUCKLE TATS. think about it, brother...