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quinta-feira, 20 de outubro de 2011

Special Review: Of Spire & Throne

"The Trial of Failure" is the new EP by the Scottish doomsters Of Spire & Throne, i wrote about these friends here long ago about their Demo. Well i must say that now they made me swallow what i said back then, not that i said something bad about them... they just needed more "sauce" (portuguese expression) to their sound.

"The Trial of Failure" begins with "Loss Ritual", as the first guitar feedback open way to the funeral march, conducted by drum and bass, we don't have to wait much until the first riffs collapse upon our ears, Ali's voice is really deep and grievous, sounds almost like death metal.. but don't get me wrong, this is doom in its most pure element. Slow, heavy and dirty sludge straight from Edinburgh's sewers. This is a long song, it almost passes the 10 minute mark. Next is "Steeped In Ruin", another colossal song, the instruments seem like are being dragged, i only can imagine this band live, it must sound three times heavier. Man, the riffs are so long that almost scratch the outskirts of Drone, on this song we witness some new elements, as the synthesizer that really gives another soul to the atmosphere. The end arrives with "Ruin", a instrumental song and a great way to end this EP, the whole atmosphere of this song is as dense as the fog that sometimes covers the city of Edinburgh, its a dark, grieving song. In general the production of "The Trial of Failure", is very good and deliver us a solid EP of the band, and i believe that the sound of OS&T is just getting more and more accurate, i just hope these guys don't stop, and keep bringing doom as it really should be. Now that we see it, there are few bands nowadays keeping, this kind of doom, flame burning, besides OS&T the only bands that comes to my mind right now are Atriarch and Aldebaran. So it's good that OS&T keep motivated and leave their mark on the scene. 

Thank you guys so much, specially Ali for sending me the EP for free! Although i even purchased it thru their Bancamp, so i hope you follow my example and support these guys, it's quite cheap. And they really are worth it. 

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  1. Curti bastante isto, esta onda de doom tipo Archon, uma coisa tão boa só pode ser do nevoeiro e do frio de inverno lá para aqueles lados de Edinburgh.