† And then the Curse swept the Earth

quarta-feira, 26 de outubro de 2011


I've been listening to these guys since their self titled 2008 album, thanks to Mr. Aaron Turner from the defunct Isis from one of those "what i'm hearing lately" lists.. nevermind that, the thing is since I found out about the French Black Metal scene i have really been impressed with it and this specific band. This third album, "III" was one that I certainly looked forward to hearing this year after being very impressed with their last effort. One reason I looked forward to hearing this record so much was due to a sense of curiosity as to what sound the band would pursue on this album.

I personally found this record to actually make use of more atmosphere than its predecessors did, it's more powerful and it's more mature. Despite the more chaotic approach the instrumentation takes on here, the atmosphere is incredibly dense and crushing. At times, this record really comes off sounding like something Deathspell Omega might try and do, but I really hear them coming out in a lot of bands, like the latest effort from the swedish Rite for example. Overall, I expected good things from this record, but this exceed them, instead of going off into one of the two realms they had previously done, this new one blends them together. Very few bands are able to make a record this chaotic so memorable. If you're into experimental black metal, or like bands that do a more chaotic style of it, you should do yourself a favor and check this out. 

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