† And then the Curse swept the Earth

segunda-feira, 17 de outubro de 2011


Ayr is a black metal side project of Young and in the Way members Rick (guitar) and Randy (drums). These guys have been around for like two years but i've only discovered this recently.

The four tracks that make up this EP "Nothing Left To Give" bring us some great black metal atmospheres. The riffing has some kind of old-school vibe about it, it's cold, dark and aggressively tremolo picked for the most part, but catchy as well. In overall the sound of "Nothing Left To Give" is really, really good.. it's raw and once in a while there are some burst of feedback along this trip. While half the tracks on here are fairly straight forward and don't take too many detours, the shortest track, "Hallucination", remains the most somber and mellow track on here, despite featuring some well crafted tremolo picked melodies and closer "Expiration" features a much more epic and atmospheric sound. Overall, a solid album. They are streaming "Nothing Left To Give" at their bandcamp site now. Fans of atmospheric black metal will surely dig it. Get into it.

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