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sexta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2011

Innumerable Forms

Innumerable Forms is an excellent new death metal outfit from Boston, Massachusetts. Led by multi instrumentalist Justin Detore, i think that this guy just got bored of all of that hardcore/powerviolence/punk stuff he was doing (please, i love Mind Eraser) and decided to create some of the dirtiest, darkest and raw sounding Old School Death Metal to come out of the American scene in quite some time. His first contribution to the metal scene is "Dark Worship", a pulverizing three track expedition into the fiery depths of Christ’s least favorite place. Hell. The sound of Innumerable Forms is decidedly old school in flavor, mixing Swedish and Floridian brutality into a quaint little ten minute EP for all those Incantation/Grave fans out there. The music is generally catchy while always aggressive.. The production isn’t the rawest that I’ve heard but still emits that old school vibe to it. Songwriting is balanced and musicianship is superb. No pretense, no overbearing snare hits, no breakdowns and no auto tuned clean choruses will be found here. If you love dark, atmospheric death metal in the vein of Incantation, Portal and Autopsy then you should love this .

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