† And then the Curse swept the Earth

quinta-feira, 20 de outubro de 2011


Ever since the release of "Stained With the Blood of an Empire" back in 2007, i was hooked on this band, Battlefields. Their music is just awesome... heavy sludge and doom with great post rock atmospheres, and the constant duel of voices, just made my jaw drop to the floor. Today i bring you their 2009 album "Thresholds Of Imbalance", while the new "Agassiz" EP is still in the oven. This album was a bit controversial, some fans loved it (me included) others didn't. Maybe they got bored with the which exaggeratedly long interludes. But that's why this band makes a difference. This is the essence of Battlefields.

The first song "Disacknowledge" is a perfect example of the dynamics the band introduces, starting at first extremely quietly, and building to a point of sludge like distortion. It then shifts between heavy and light for almost twelve minutes. Oh yes, the songs are long and slow at points, which makes this album a difficult listen, but the question in a genre such as this isn't necessarily how well the band does the build up, but how well they take over with the climax and bring the song to a new level, how they change these sounds into music and not simply filler. Image a bright sunny day and then suddenly dark clouds appear out of nowhere, thunders and lightnings rages upon us, the Earth is swallowed by a colossal flood, and then, as fast as it came, the storm is gone and the Sun shines again.. that's what Battlefields sound like. 

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