† And then the Curse swept the Earth

quarta-feira, 19 de outubro de 2011


Momentum is a London based hardcore crust punk band, that features members of underground successes Plague Mass, Light Bearer and Fall of Efrafa, playing driving, epic heavy and melodic DIY hardcore punk, both crushing and uplifting, ignoring sub-genres and getting back to the basics of why we love playing fast political music. Influenced by the words of Carl Sagan, and other luminary thinkers, the music forms around a set idea, that of our place in the universe, the hatred and anger and stupidity of a species of ape, on a small insignificant planet, but also our ability to look beyond these facile ideas and appreciate and begin to understand the awe of the universe. They have just finished recording this album “Whetting Occam’s Razor” wich features guest vocals from Greg Bennick (Trial) and the brothers Karlsson (Monachus) and the band is kind enough for giving away this album for free. The band is built around a strong D.I.Y ethic. Dealing with all is its record label and booking directly Momentum is bringing back a movement created in the 80′s. “Once you do everything for yourself: put out your own music, book your own shows and promote yourself that is true craftsmanship”.

Whetting Occam’s Razor” will be available to download for free from the band. Vinyl and CD will be released through Alerta Antifacista Records. For fans of From Ashes Rise, Ghostlimb, Protestant. 

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  1. Muito bom. No wordpress da banda, estão lá as letras de todas as músicas, que por sinal são bastante interessantes. Thanks.