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quinta-feira, 6 de outubro de 2011

A Hill To Die Upon

Another great find this year was A Hill To Die Upon (this name is bad, sorry guys.. it sounds more like an post-hardcore/screamo type band, but let us not judge a book by its cover) with their second release entitled "Omens", that is getting great reviews all around the web. With "Omens" expect some brilliant melodic death metal with black metal injections à la scandinavian way. One great riff comes right after the other concurring a massive assault of grandeur and fierceness and whether they possess a groovier or sharper edge they never fail to serve their purpose well. A welcome amount of solos enrich the overall dismal environment and acoustic passages that strengthens the mystical ambiance that overruns the compositions at times. Adam Cook and Elisha Mullins perform a wonderful guitar work and Michael Cook proves that he's a talented drummer, alongside the bass lines, lending groove and setting tight foundations upon which the aforementioned musicians step with passion. As for the vocal part, expect an ecstatic grunting performance that entrances the compositions and completes the puzzle in the most appropriate way. Nice work indeed guys.. also what first caught my attention, was the artwork, we can note that the result was thoroughly calculated to reflect what's inside. 

A big plus is that the album, consisting of 10 compositions, doesn't surpass the 37 minutes and even if you want to, it won't make you purchase a boredom ticket. On the contrary, it will be part of your every day ear orgasm for more than two times in a row; i've been hearing it once and a while when i want to "wash" my ears for some time now and i can't complain. The production is good, complimenting the compositions and the overall ambiance, neither over-polished nor too underground so as to dig deeper to find what the band has to say.

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